Europharma set to share expertise at International Gathering of Fish Health Experts

26. April 2018

Europharma, one of the world’s leading developers of fish health and welfare programmes, is preparing to share its expertise at its tenth international fish health seminar in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

A delegation from Europharma UK will be heading over to join the annual gathering of fish health experts and customers from all over the world for the two day seminar which is one of the biggest events in the aquaculture calendar.  This year’s takes place on 13-15 June in Henningsvaer.

The varied programme includes presentations on a wide range of industry topics including Europharma’s Magnus Lian who will share his knowledge about Feed and Fish Health.

The seminar will be opened by the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Mr Per Sandberg and brings together a range of industry experts to share insights, research and innovation in aquaculture.  Some of the world’s leading salmon producers will also attend including Marine Harvest who will provide two presentations entitled Supersmolt – Performance at Sea and Leading the Blue Revolution.

Other speakers include representatives from the Sea Lice Centre, Ellingsen Seafood, Seaborn and a host of Norwegian and other sector experts. Topics range from experiences in taking control of sea lice, large smolt production, the salmon immune system at seawater transfer, fish health risks and water chemistry, microbial balance and the challenges of using seawater in recirculating aquaculture systems, vaccination stress and sedation during delicing. There will also be an overview of key research and development work in Norway and a retrospective look at fish health from 1980-2018.

Europharma’s delegation will be led by Ross Beedie who heads up the Supersmolt programme in the UK.  He will be joined by Hugo Magne Kjelseth who heads up Europharma’s marketing operation for the UK and Europe.

Ross Beedie, Supersmolt Technical Support, said:

“It is always exciting for everyone in the aquaculture industry when Lofoten comes around as it is the biggest event in our calendar.

“Lofoten is a wonderful opportunity to keep up to date with all the latest innovation, research, good practice and to have open conversations about the challenges we face as an industry and to find solutions.

“This year – the tenth anniversary of the international seminar – will bring experts and customers together from Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Chile and New Zealand.”

Anyone interested in joining the Europharma UK delegation should contact Europharma at or 0141 435 7100.

Information about Lofoten can be found at: