Nytox 1000mg/g Powder for Solution for Fish treatment.

The following product information is only intended for Professional Keepers of animals, Veterinary surgeons, Veterinary nurses, Pharmacists and SQPs.

NytoxComposition: 100% tricaine methanesulfonate active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Used for: sedation, immobilisation and anaesthesia of fish in order to improve handling and reduce immediate stress during general husbandry.

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use during vaccination, transportation, weighing, tagging, clipping, stripping of broodstock, blood-sampling and surgical procedures
  • Fully licensed in the UK and Norway

Packaging quantities: 1kg tubs.

Legal category: POM-VPS

Marketing authorisation number: Vm 42016/4001

Further information: Nytox is a POM-VPS product and may only be supplied on prescription from your veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or suitably qualified person.

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